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Software & Web


Older Projects

Here you can find an overview of various software products and solutions I participated, and in some cases am still participating, on their development mainly as a C++ programmer. As a bonus, two web projects are mentioned, too, that I fully developed by my own hands. One of them (these pages) is still living.
Kraso klub Zilina

(2007 ‑ 2015)

It was a project of creating, maintaining, and further developing web pages of Kraso klub Zilina, which is a figure skating club settled in northern Slovakia.

DCE AutoEnhance

(2006 ‑ 2008)

This product of the MediaChance (Ottawa, Canada) company is a software offering an automatic adjustment of photographs based on reading of the EXIF data stored in the photo files besides the image data. It also allows a batch processing of more images at once.


(2006 ‑ 2008)

This product of the MediaChance (Ottawa, Canada) company is not only an image editor, a painting software, a picture retouching tool, and a photo enhancer, but much more. Additionally it also is featuring wide range of selection tools now.
PureImage NR

(2006 ‑ 2008)

This product of the MediaChance (Ottawa, Canada) company is another photo enhancing software from the MediaChance laboratory this time featuring the wavelet noise reduction and color correction tools.

DVD Menu Studio

(2005 ‑ 2008)

This product of the MediaChance (Ottawa, Canada) company is an authoring software for the DVD menu creation supporting the bitmap and vector 2D graphics with layers and real lights support. It is a derivation of another MediaChance product called Real-DRAW Pro.

Real-DRAW Pro

(2005 ‑ 2008)

This product of the MediaChance (Ottawa, Canada) company is a combination of a 2D vector and a bitmap graphic editor featuring layers and real lights support. It also supports a creation of web pages and their content with cool 3D look and much more.

Current Projects

Lite3D series, CATIA extensions, and more

(since 2008)

Products of the Transcat PLM (Germany) company are targeted at car developers and producers from all over the world. Main areas my software development time for this company is dedicated to are reading and writing of data in JT (Jupiter Tessellation), already standardised open CAD file format, and a development of various extensions of CATIA, a CAD software with French roots.

(since 2007)

Rasteria pages were originally founded as a support for customers of the software I worked on those days. However, how the time passed by, the software development changed its target customers and target market and as there were a lot of photographs published here the pages almost fully turned into one big photo gallery.

Even Older Projects

Multimedia Builder

(2003 ‑ 2008)

This product of the MediaChance (Ottawa, Canada) company is an authoring software allowing a user to produce automatic CD and DVD launchers, media players, presentations, games, and much more. As it also features a third party plugin's support and a script based on a kind of the Basic language, it allows uncountable possibilities of its usage in authoring.

(2004 ‑ 2005)

This product of the MediaChance (Ottawa, Canada) company is a 3D animation tool featuring true 3D text and DirecX particles, both animated in a 3D DirectX window, and allowing to compose a motion menu of a DVD. The 3D text of a motion menu is created from a truetype font, colored, and may possibly be textured using any bitmap as its texture. The movement, rotation, scale, and skew transformations are available as animation effects and can be applied in any order on any part of the menu, either a letter, a word, a menu item, or the whole menu.

(2002 ‑ 2004)

This product of the Prosoft (Zilina, Slovakia) company is a Mobile Personal Box-office software that was developed for Zeleznicna Spolocnost the Slovak railway company. It is a complex software solution containing actualized time tables, searching for the shortest path to a destination station, selling of fare tickets, and various statistical and registration functions.

(1999 ‑ 2002)

This product of the Caligari Corporation (USA) company is a complete 3D modeling, texturing, animating, rendering, and 3D collaboration tool targeted to everyone from 3D enthusiasts through illustrators and researchers to teachers, architects, design engineers, and more. The real-time scene refresh allows users to intuitively and directly manipulate objects in a fully rendered 3D space enhancing and accelerating the design process such a way.
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